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OMS Preferred by MedPro

Your trusted GDIS team is excited to offer you professional liability insurance through MedPro’s OMS Preferred program — a program providing comprehensive coverage at a competitive cost. We believe you shouldn’t have to pay high fees to get the claims handling and risk management experience you deserve.

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Offering Superior Protection

OMS Preferred is the only malpractice insurance program with: 


You won’t pay capital contributions when you switch to OMS Preferred. In fact, we have a variety of premium credits which have helped OMS save thousands on their annual premiums. 


We defend OMS using 120+ years of claims experience across the healthcare spectrum, the nation’s leading defense counsel, and over 7,000 of the best expert witnesses. These are some of the reasons we close 80% of claims without payment and hold a 95% trial win rate


We’re backed by the strongest carrier in the industry—a Berkshire Hathaway company with an A++ rating from A.M. Best. Our unmatched financial stability combined with our successful defense track record allows us to fiercely defend claims while maintaining affordable premiums. 

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Disclaimer: A.M. Best rating as of 6/16/2020. Standard & Poor’s rating as of 9/25/2019. All data is MedPro Group data; claims data range is 2009-2018 unless otherwise indicated. MedPro Group is the marketing name used to refer to the insurance operations of The Medical Protective Company, Princeton Insurance Company, PLICO, Inc. and MedPro RRG Risk Retention Group. All insurance products are administered by MedPro Group and underwritten by these and other Berkshire Hathaway affiliates, including National Fire & Marine Insurance Company. Product availability is based upon business and/or regulatory approval and may differ among companies. © 2021 MedPro Group Inc. All Rights Reserved.