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Your Practice Deserves the Best Coverage

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Buying Malpractice Has Never Been Easier

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Protect Your Loved Ones and Assets: Get Your Insurance Quote Today

Save thousands of dollars on business and personal lines of insurance along with discounts on products and services that support you and your dental practice.

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Insurance Services 

GDIS offers insurance coverage for every stage of your career and every part of your life. We also offer insurance products for your family, friends and dental team.

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2024 GDA Group Health Plans are here!

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GDA Plus+ Dental Supplies

Join and start enjoying the benefits of savings on over 65,000 products from more than 550 brands. We are committed to keeping your costs affordable year after year.

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PartnersEndorsed Partners

Our partners offer product and service discounts that range from travel and technology to wealth management and practice financing.

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  • Dr. Zach Powell
  • Dr. Hetesh Ranchod
  • Dr. George Dinulescu
  • Dr. Jamie A. & Suzy Mitchell
  • Mary Hanif, Dental Town Director of Operations
  • Dr. Ron and Debi Cavola
  • Dr. John Ferguson and Janet Ferguson
  • Dr. Devang Shah
  • Kimberly Elston, Atlanta Dental Spa
  • Dr. Stanley J. Hickman
  • Dr. Benjamin Alverson
  • Dr. Clarence Addison