Patient Financing

CareCredit has a dedicated Practice Development Team that is always available to share their industry expertise and provide practices with the support they need to grow and help more patients receive care. CareCredit Practice Development Managers can help you improve patient communication, empower your team to help patients access exceptional care, increase long-term patient loyalty, attract new patients and increase referrals, and to help more of your patients receive recommended treatment.

Practice Development Managers are also available to provide enrolled practices with valuable information like the Practice Performance Review and personalized practice reports that can help ensure they get the most out of CareCredit.

The Practice Performance Review lets providers see how their CareCredit transactions compare with the CareCredit transactions of other practices in their zip code. Practices can also use the review to learn how much additional treatment has resulted from cardholders reusing their CareCredit healthcare credit card and find out how many times their practice has appeared in searches on CareCredit’s online Provider Locator, a powerful referral tool used by prospective patients who are looking for a practice in their area that accepts CareCredit. The Practice Performance Review can also identify possible cardholders in the practice with available credit so dental teams can contact them and help them move forward with incomplete care.

If you already accept CareCredit as a payment option and would like more information about how your Practice Development Manager can help you grow and achieve your practice goals, contact your Practice Development Team at 800-859-9975, press 1, then 6.

If you’re ready to accept CareCredit and help more patients access needed care, call 866-246-9227 to get started.