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Medicare Supplements Webinar

View our Medicare Supplement Webinar to learn more about Medicare Supplement plans A, F, G, and N.


Your Guide to 2021 GDA Group Health Plans

Join us for our free informational webinar on Friday, November 6 at 10 am to answer your questions about GDA’s Group Health Plans hosted by your V.P. of Health Insurance Services, Christy Biddy. We know the healthcare market can be confusing and uncertain, but we can help you make the right decision for you, your family and team. 

You’ll learn about:

  • What to look for when comparing your plan choices
  • What GDA Plus+ Insurance/GDIS can offer your family and staff
  • Rates and details of GDA’s health plans

GDA Plus+ Programs - You Own It, Use It!

GDA Plus+ Programs can save you thousands of dollars. We offer business and personal lines of insurance along with discounts on products and services that support you and your dental practice. See how we can create a customizable plan for you, your family and dental team.

InsuranceGeorgia Dental Insurance Services 

GDIS offers insurance coverage for every stage of your career and every part of your life. We also offer insurance products for your family, friends and dental team.

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 GDA Plus+ Supplies

The supply program is owned by its members. Join and start enjoying the benefits of savings on over 65,000 products from more than 550 brands. We are committed to keeping your costs affordable year ​after year. GDA Plus+ Supplies members are also eligible for a discount on our statewide equipment servicing program. For after-hours or weekend service requests, information on rates/billing and direct contact ​information for service technicians, please visit www.GDAsupplies.com.

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Partners​Endorsed Partners

Our partners offer product and service discounts that range from travel and technology to wealth management and practice financing.

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GDIS Testimonials

  • Dr. Zach Powell

    “I was so frustrated as a business owner with trying to find the right insurance, with adequate coverage, all at a reasonable price for all of our businesses. Michele Amatulli at GDIS did a great presentation at a Southeast District meeting. Afterwards my wife, Elizabeth, and I met with Michele at our office. Michelle immediately went to work helping us organize (a big job), consolidate, and update some of our business and personal policies. I loved what Michele said to our district members, ‘GDIS is your company, use our opportunities!’  Thank you so much GDIS and Michele for your help with Powell Dentistry Group. GDA 💪”

  • Dr. Hetesh Ranchod

    “Once in a while you run across that someone that makes the mind-numbing mundane tasks of insurance seem not so bad.  Kelly was that person for me.  I made a switch in my malpractice insurance, and also had to get several other insurance policies in place at the same time. While I expected the process to be tedious, it was so much easier than I expected. Her playful personality combined with her eager attitude to get the job done made the process painless..... and she also saved me a lot of money in the process! Thanks for everything Kelly."

  • Dr. George Dinulescu

    “I used GDIS for all my individual and business insurance needs and I recommend their outstanding, free and prompt service to all GDA members. I saved a lot of money by using their services and I’d like to thank the whole GDIS team, especially to Michelle Amatulli for their assistance!”

  • Dr. Jamie A. & Suzy Mitchell

    "I recently switched my office professional package and my worker's comp plans to GDIS from the carrier I had been with for almost 30 years. GDIS beat my previous carrier on price by about 30%. The transition was very easy. The staff at GDIS quickly responded to all of my requests and handled everything seamlessly. I would highly recommend calling GDIS for a quote today."

  • Mary Hanif, Dental Town Director of Operations

    “Dental Town has had the pleasure of working with Michele at GDIS fulfilling our day-to-day insurance related requirements. We have been using GDIS for more than 7 years and they consistently provide an outstanding service.  Michele and her entire team’s commitment to their client’s satisfaction is a reflection of their full grasp and understanding of the insurance industry. 

    In addition, GDIS has very competitive rates and offers a range of services best suited for our needs. Their approach to provide an exceptional service available in the industry has made it easier to continue working with Michele to help keep meeting our challenges. We can highly recommend GDIS to anyone needing insurance services and looking forward to working with Michele and her team in the future.”