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HIPAA Compliant Communications

iCoreExchange is the only cloud-based software designed from the input of 2000 providers.

iCoreExchange allows any dental provider to share information with anyone -- with full HIPAA compliance. Send patient information, X-rays, labs and other PHI with no file size limits. iCoreExchange meets the federal government’s five technical safeguards for HIPAA-compliant communication, as well as full archive and audit requirements. iCoreExchange is a product of iCoreConnect.

iCoreConnect creates software that allows any dental provider to share information with anyone at the highest levels of security, backed by highly-responsive customer support.

The company is a national provider of secure, HIPAA-compliant communications and cloud-based practice management. iCoreConnect allows dentists, patients and other healthcare providers to easily communicate with 2048-bit encryption (16x’s higher than required by the federal government) and collaborate with the assurance they are in full compliance with all current federal laws.  

Please contact us for a free, live demonstration of iCoreExchange HIPAA-compliant email and iCoreDental cloud-based practice management system.

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