Benefits At-A-Glance

  • GDA Plus+ Supplies only offers products from direct manufacturers or authorized distributors. No gray market, expired or counterfeit items.
  • GDA Plus+ Supplies vendors must sell products pursuant to manufacturer guidelines.
  • Vendors ship exactly what a dentist orders—no alternative brands.
  • ALL GDA Plus+ Supplies vendors offer FREE ground shipping on any order, regardless of size.
  • Members can access a one-stop, easy to use online portal to order all of your dental supplies (fax or telephone orders are available)
  • Members will receive one invoice
  • Take advantage of statewide equipment servicing by independent qualified and experienced service specialists, with a 10% discount on hourly service call charges
  • Your frequently ordered items can be pre-populated, and the system will remember your ordering history, enabling quick "just in time" delivery to preserve your cash and storage space.