Wealth Management & Retirement Plan Consulting

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The Wile Consulting Group at UBS has been the endorsed wealth management provider for the Georgia Dental Association for the past 14 years. They provide comprehensive wealth management and retirement plan advice to all GDA members through the GDA/UBS Wealth Management Program.

Their team specializes in dentists and the group relationship enables members to leverage the vast scale of products and services at UBS. Through the relationship with the GDA, they provide exclusive access to financial services resources.

The Wile Consulting Group offers retirement savings plans designed exclusively for GDA members that include discount rates not available anywhere else. The Wile Consulting Group has the ability to analyze the demographics of your practice to provide education regarding retirement plan options for the needs of you and your employees.

The Wile Consulting Group at UBS offers GDA members complimentary financial planning services through the GDA/UBS Wealth Management Program. UBS advisors often charge between $5k – $10k for this planning tool. The financial plan helps dental professionals comprehensively and holistically assess their current financial status to help determine if they are on track to reach their goals.

The Wile Consulting Group at UBS also offers advisory and investment management solutions for non-retirement assets to GDA members at group discount rate; retirement planning guidance, including a retirement income replacement system; lending capabilities with competitive interest rates; free access to UBS global investment research and other banking capabilities. The Wile Consulting Group distinguishes themselves with a robust service model, comprehensive benefits, diligent research, quality performance and competitive pricing.

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