GDA Members Save on Dental Supplies

Dr. Evis Babo and her team shared a sample of their recent orders, and they’re saving money!Item
Dr Evis BaboDr. Evis Babo shares her experience with GDA Plus+ Supplies.

"We find most of our products that we use are offered through the GDA Plus+ Supplies website. The website is user friendly and allows you to create lists for future orders. When a product that we use is not available, such as composite or cement, we visit the ADA Product Review website to evaluate the research done on comparable products offered. It is helpful to get unbiased, clinically relevant information to make the decision-making process easier."
-- Dr. Evis Babo, Northern District Dental Society

Here are a few of the items they have ordered so far, with our pricing compared to the office’s previous national supplier.

   Item Name Item #   GDA Plus+ Supplies  National Supplier  Savings
 zonefree cement  ZoneFree Temporary Cement  DUX-27041  41.09  50.29  18.3%
 centwins fluoride trays  Oral B Centwins Fluoride Trays  P&G-13226937  34.53  42.29  18.3%  
 fuji lining lc paste pack  Fuji Lining LC  GCA-001887  153.04  187.99  18.6%
 classic prophy angles needs editing  Classic Prophy Angles  YNG-135620  141.07  173.99  18.9%
 hemodent hemostatic liquid  Hemodent Hemostatic Liquid  PRM-9007072  25.83  31.99  19.3%
 sterilization pouches  Sterilization Pouches - 5.25" x 10"  MYD-SP-3500  12.92  17.29  25.3%
 panavia_sa_cement_large  Panavia SA Dual Cuse Resin Cement  KUR-2980KA  86.28  115.79  25.5%
 advantage patient bibs  Advantage Patient Bibs  CRX-WEXAWH  21.69  29.99  27.7%
 tray covers size b  Tray Covers - Size B  NRG-TCBWH  19.38  27.29  29%
 caviwipes  Caviwipes  PNC-13-5100  10.03  14.49  30.8%
 dental needles  Dental Needles 30G Short  MYD-DN-3000  7.81  11.99  34.9%
 high volume evacuation tips  High Volume Evacuation Tips  NRG-HVET  3.72  5.99  37.9%
 2x2 4 play non woven sponges  2x2 4-Ply Non-Woven Sponges  NRG-NWS22  20.18  57.29  64.8%
 tofflemire matrix bands  Tofflemire Matrix Bands  58-0001  1.06  6.49  83.7%
GDA Plus+ Supplies Save avg of 30%+